A Review of Hunted (The House of Night #5) by PC Cast and Kristin Cast


Read from December 20, 2015-January 15, 2016

3 out of 5 stars

This is the 5th book in the House of Night series. This installment begins with Kalona having risen from the earth to take over the House of Night with his partner Neferet. Stevie Rae has been shot with an arrow by Stark. The red fledgling have been brought to light and Neferet has been shown to be evil. Zoey and her friends are living in the tunnels underneath the depot because that is the only safe place from Kalona. They have to find a way to stop him.

Zoey is still a very annoying character. They are on the brink of a war between Humans and vampires and all she can do is obsess over boys. Erik has gotten super possessive, Heath has imprinted with her again, and Stark is fighting to choose good.

I find the writing very amateur. There is not a lot of variance and the speech is a lot of slang and teenage talk. Might need your urban dictionary.



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