A Review of All Stories Are Love Stories by Elizabeth Percer

I won this ARC through The Reading Room in exchange for a fair review.

This book chronicles the events surrounding a major earthquake in San Francisco, very similar to the great 1906 earthquake. Max is a 34 year old man, abandoned by his dad and me still mourning a failed relationship from his teens. Vashti is a young Iranian pastry chef who has not known much more than tragedy her entire life. Gene is a geologist who has found his great love in life but is struggling in his professional life.

The narrative jumps between the lives of these 3 characters and how their lives become woven together through tragedy. I As the emotions, lives, and back stories of these characters take center stage, the earthquake is more of a background scenery.

I really liked this book because the character development was phenomenal. Their lives became something I was familiar with, making me feel like I knew them and was rooting for them. Each chapter leaves the reader with questions making it hard to find a place to stop. I felt like I was opening a chest and slowly taking out one layer at a time until the full scope finally came together at the end.

But at the same time, this book is depressing. The author paints of very real picture of family life and how it isn’t always perfect. People let us down. Our parents let us down. Life even let’s us down. I found myself going over my own life experiences.

If you enjoy emotions and character this is the book for you. I’m glad I read it and would definitely recommend it.


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