A Review of Anthony Puyo Presents Misery Theater

Misery Theater is a serialization of short stories. This installment is a pilot issue and contains two stories: Happy Endings and Angry. Happy Endings is the tale of a serial killer and what happens when he picked up his latest victim. Angry is a cautionary tale of too little too late and what happens when you take advantage of people.

This is a quick and easy read for fans of the horror genre that will leave you satisfied, but you’ll be begging for the next set of stories. They aren’t your typical literary work. .Though it isn’t a script, it still feels like you’re reading an episode of your favorite horror anthology and you can expect a bizarre moral of the story ending to each tale.

This is horror at its finest and Anthony Puyo doesn’t pull any punches with the gore. He is so descriptive I often forgot that I wasn’t watching a slasher film. He develops his characters very well in such a short amount of time. Even someone as horrible as the writer in the second story I began to feel sympathetic towards and thought he could be redeemed.

I would give this a five out of five.stars. Excellent story development but definitely not for someone with a weak stomach.


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