A Review of Beastly Manor by Alex Hall

This is an LBGT twist on the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. The story begins with a 10 year old Corbin being told to look after his family while his mother and father, cheese and brandy makers,go on a merchant’s trip. Nine days later his father returns nearly out of his mind with a story about a beast of the Black Forest tearing his mother to bits. The only way his father escaped with his life is by trading the companionship of his first born for his own. His father then raised him to slay the beast and avenge his family. Flashforward 7 years. Corbin is sent by his father to a military training compound to learn swordsmanship and how best to defeat The Littleton Fiend by a world class beast killer.

This is a really interesting and modern twist to an old favorite. it shows the struggle of a young man just coming to terms with his sexuality and the progression of homosexual feelings he doesn’t understand. It was slow in parts and could really do with some good editing but it’s a sweet love story that unfolds before Corbin’s eyes as well as the readers, when he realizes why he was never interested in the flirtatious of the local girls, though he was always popular with them.

This has some moderate description of sexual actions so it might best be enjoyed by adults. It is an LBGTlove story so may not be well suited for those with strong conservatives beliefs.

Overall I really liked it. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it to fans of modern takes on fairy tales!


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