A Review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JK Rowling

The third installment finds Harry back at the Dursleys house and summer is beginning to wind back down. Aunt Marge is coming to dinner at the Dursleys and Harry isn’t very fond of her. After she insults his parents, Harry gets so mad that he blows her up like a balloon and then gathers his stuff and runs away. Thinking he’s going to be expelled for using magic outside Hogwarts he decides he should run away but accidentally hail’s the Knight Bus. When he gets to Diagon Alley he finds out Sirius Black, a wanted ceiminal, has escaped from Azkaban and everything is on lockdown, including Hogwarts when he finally gets back to school. Harry and his friends have to deal with new classes, a new teacher, and another mystery this year.

JK Rowling has a very good grasp of the written word and she has thoroughly entwined her readers into the world she has created. She has a way of writing characters with depth and flaws so that you love them and relate to them at the same time.

Harry unravels more information about the parents he never knew and it has your heart aching for him and aching for what might have been. You get to see how much he has grown and matured up to this point and how he’s gaining a sense of independence. It is a real coming of age story and I recommend it to people of all ages who enjoy fantasy and young adult literature.


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