A Review of He Waits Tales of the Unusual Book 3 by Luke Smitherd

He waits is a story of nightmares, fear, and death. How nightmares. And fears grow and build on themselves until they take over your subconcious. This story explores what would happen if your greatest nightmare gripped you upon death and you never again had a chance to wake up, and the results will chill you to the bone.

The second story is “Keep Your Children Close.” This is the tale of a family struggling to stay together after an accident puts them close to financial ruin. Shelley hesitantly accompanies her husband, Lenny, and their 2 sons, on a camping trip to a remote location. On their last day of the trip their car won’t start. So Lenny sets off to the nearest town to find either a mechanic or a phone to call for help. Along the way he sees a tow truck and when it stops, the men driving it seem suspicious. Even so, Lenny, desperate for help, leads them back to their campsite where some intense things happen…

These are both very well written tales but “He Waits” is my favorite. It is very creepy and the ending left me cringing. The second one was over the top suspenseful, with a twist ending I wasn’t expecting. My heart was pounding almost the whole way through.

I easily give this 5 out of 5 stars. I loved it and will recommend it to everyone I know.


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