A Review of Hood by Allison Kinney

This is a history of the hood as its used as a symbol in art and social and political topics.

The first chapter talks about hoods used to symbolize death or the grim reaper. It gives a history of the hood and the myths behind hoods in executions and capital punishment.

The second chapter talks about the history of the hood in terrorism and war. The author goes into detail about the events at Guantanamo and the atrocities carried out on the prisoners at Abi Ghraib.

The third chapters discusses women in hoods and how hoods have played a role in protests. The author talks about the Seattle riots and police riot gear being a form of “hooding”.

The fourth and final chapter discusses the hood as a symbol of youth culture, gang life, and how it stereotypes a person. The case of Trayvon Martin is discussed and how this impacted social and political ideas at the time and how it has changed our entire society.

While I really liked this book, it gave a great detailed history, the author is very open with her bias and her disdain for authority. She uses a lot of pop culture references and some profanity to illustrate her point which helps keep the topic relevant. But I feel like she paints law enforcement in a bad light. This is definitely not a straight history lesson. It has historical context but is based on the authors own ideals. I would recommend it though if you are a fan of the darker side of history as she brings to light a lot of things, like stare stance on capital punishment, that aren’t talked about much.


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