A Review of I’ve Got Sand in All the Wrong Places by Lisa Scottoline

I’ve Got Sand In All the Wrong Places is a collection of essays written by a mother and daughter team about their observations on life and their relationship, both the good and bad. Their anecdotes cover everything from their love lives, loss, grief, pets, and everything in between.

Lisa and Francesca are very candid about the events in their lives, sometimes even crossing into the “too much information” zone as they delve into aging and bodily functions.

This is a mostly fun, light, and easy read but it should come with a trigger warning as Francesca describes a time where she was very brutally assaulted and the aftermath of the attack. They also discuss the life and the grief that grips you, including the aging and loss of beloved pets, which hit very close to home since the one-year anniversary of my dog’s death was yesterday.

Another thing I really like about this book is that Lisa injects a lot of funny little quips and these are what kept me hanging on, especially when it comes to Motherhood. I could relate to so much of what she talked about and the fact that we as moms are only human. We fail as parents but we keep going and try to be better every day.

This is definitely check with. It briefly touches on feminism but what feminism really means, which is women having equal rights as men, not with Eminence has become, to elevate women above men. I would recommend this as a light summer read to all women and give it a solid four stars.


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