A Review of Moonlit Road and Other Ghost Stories by Ambrose Bierce

From the piercing eyes of a snake to the ghost of lost love and everything in between these are definitely stories to tell in the dark. This anthology was written by Ambrose Bierce in the 1890s around the time Mark Twain was popular. This tome deals with many different themes: supernatural, psychological, and has something to appeal to the fears of everyone. Though the writing is antiquated, the subject is not lost to the reader, and will especially appeal to those lovers of Victorian literature. Bierce is known for having twist endings and these stories can definitely be considered to have twist endings. Unfortunately, we live in a society where most scary story tropes have been done so the stories come off slightly predictable. If you can take this for what it is, old scary stories then they are very enjoyable. There wasn’t a tale I didn’t like. The style reminded me of Poe and can be confidently added to one’s collection of classic gothic horror.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Edgar Allen Poe and the like. I will be looking for more of Ambrose Pierce’s publications.


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