A Review of Soul Cycle (Twisted Souls #3) by Cege Smith

Cameron is still on a journey to fulfill her destiny as the champion that will save mankind. She has left the bunker where she has lived her short life and her and the new head master of the Office of Souls, Samuel, are trying to find the book that will show them the way and what they need to do next.

Meanshile, Chim and Marius have made it to Outpost Alanstown and have taken the town hostage will the threat to desoul everyone who doesn’t cooperate. Chim is starting to experiment with extracting and reimplanting souls but it isn’t going very well.

The only way Cameron will truly understand her future is by visiting the past.

This installment of the series started out very slow but halfway through it really began to pick up as more questions are answered. The story is finally beginning to unfold in a way that doesn’t leave you with more questions than answers.


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