A Review of The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

This is the latest anthology by Stephen King. It contains a myriad of stories that deal in human monsters: from drunk driving, to obituary writing, to the consequences of a feud.

My favorite story by far, is Under the Weather. Its one of those stories that creeped me out and just made me feel wrong. A lot of the stories in this collection accomplished this.

If you are as familiar with King’s work as I am, then you will know that a lot of these stories are from other collections or publications. But what I like about this volume, is that every story has an introduction. King describes what inspired the story, who his influence was, and what was happening in his like at the time.

If you are a casual reader of King, then I highly recommend this book. Its a good introduction to his short fiction. I believe him to be a master of the short story. If you have read everything of King’s up to this point you might find this to just be a rehash of what you’ve already read. For me, it was worth reading the stories again and finding out the back stories.


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