A Review of The Children’s Home by Charles Lambert

Morgan lives a reclusive life. The only people he sees are the small staff that run his estate and his cook and housekeeper, Engel. He doesn’t have to work and lives in relative luxury because he was left a fortune and profitable business his sister now runs. But one day his life changes forever when the children start showing up at his house 1 by 1, with some kind of purpose he doesn’t yet understand.

I really like the concept and idea behind this book. It is a great story. But, I think a lot of things were left out and there were too many things added that really didn’t contribute to the story.

This kind of plays out like a mystery because the story is constantly eluding to a reason why they are there but it takes too long to get to the point. If a few clues were thrown in here and there I think it would keep the reader more interested. There were too many anecdotes that do not contribute to the unravelling of the story, making it a very slow burn. When we do finally get to the point, the book is almost over, and everything is wrapped up so quickly, that I was left with more questions than answers and was slightly confused to what really happened, especially the reaction of Dr. Crane.

I liked this book and I would recommend it to those that like a slow burn and like a story that makes you think. I think if it was rewritten a bit it has the potential for an amazing story.


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