A Review of Twisted Souls (Twisted Souls #2) by Cege Smith

Cameron is the savior of mankind. Nine months ago she was the last person to receive a soul on the very last soul implantation day. Nine months ago she was also an infant. But the special soul she received enabled her to grow at an exponential rate and she is now a young woman.

At the last soul implantation a demon soulless named Chim came to the garden with another soulless, Marius, so that they could steal souls and finally be free. But what Marius did not know was that Chim harbors a deep evil and he is using Marius’s extraordinary ability as a soul ripper and soul vessel to unleash an evil on the world.

Cameron, her father, Malcom, The Office of Souls new Headmaster, Samuel, and the groundskeeper, Bishop, all fled to a bunker beneath the Office of Souls on that fateful day while they waited for Cameron to mature enough to become the savior. Now is the time for her to step up and take down the evil that is quickly overtaking Malm.

The second entry in the trilogy unfolds at a much slower pace. I found myself having a hard time sticking with it in parts. The action finally started to pick up in the last few pages of the book and secrets were revealed that made it much more interesting.


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