Do Anything A Mysterious Science Fiction Tale by Luke Smitherd

“Closure” is the universe hopping account of a man whose wife is kidnapped by someone who looks exactly like himself. Gary is then given instructions and the choice to do the same thing. Luke Smitherd has created another tale of parallel universes very similar to the “In the Darkness That’s Where I’ll You” saga. His system of time/dimension leaping is believable because he has not deviated from the facts that he’s already laid out, in his world centering in and around Coventry.

“Your Name Is In The Book” is the second story. John is 11 years old in the not too distant future. A time where a new invention has eradicated crime from the world, a time known as New Utopia. After a game of teatherball with his 7 year old sister, John goes to his room where he finds a strange book without a cover lying on his bed. He skims through it and discovers it seems to be a directory of people from the area who’s surnames begin with A-C. Each name has a number between 1 and 9. Not knowing what it is he decides to hide it. After awhile he forgets about the book. Then at age 17 a man comes to him out of nowhere and tells him that he can’t see his face and he needs to stay away from his love interest Debbie Brand. Then the man tells him to run to his school and not look back. A few seconds later he looks back and the man has disappeared. He cannot stay away from Debbie. After another 4 years and several tragedies later the man returns to tell him why he needs to stay away from Debbie…

Both of these stories, much like Smitherd’s other novellas, have you questioning moral decisions and how you would react if you were faced with the same choices and situations as the characters. I loved these ones just as much as the others, but the second tale in this book left me feeling haunted and sad. I will once again recommend this one to everyone I know. It is another easy 5 star rating and I can’t wait to read more of what he has to offer. Luke Smitherd is an author to watch out for!


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