Love Hurts: A Speculative Fiction Anthology Edited by Tricia Reeks, Kyle Richardson, and Margaret Reeks

Love Hurts is a collection of short stories by various authors from different cultures, which you can see in the names and events written about. There are 26 stories all dealing with various forms of love set within the science fiction and fantasy genres. These aren’t traditional love stories. They cover all forms of love: true love, familial, sibling, same sex, interracial, interspecies, platonic and more. There’s pretty  much something to pique everyone’s interest.

In reading through this collection I felt every emotion on the spectrum. Some made me sad, some angry, and some made me jump for joy. There’s also varying landscapes from alien, to dystopian, even ancient China. Some of the stories were so abstract they were hard to understand, but if you are someone who likes to read between the lines to find deeper meaning you would probably really enjoy it.

A couple of the stories that really spoke to me I will highlight here for you. The first is called “Catching On”. It is set in a world where children can be born with special powers. Two of these children are now adults and one can see into the future. She knows of an event that could destroy humanity and wants to destroy the object that would be the catalyst. This is a tale of love realized too late and filled me with sorrow. The second one that really touched me is called “Metempsychotic”. A pregnant woman is on the verge of giving birth and goes over the events of her life with the ghost that lives with her that only she can see. This one is a tale of young love lost and how someone can love you so much that they stay with you even beyond the grave to make sure you are okay. This last one I will mention is by far my very favorite and captivated me so much that I wish it was a book because there could be so much more than the small portion that was written about in this book. It is called “So Fast We’re Slow”. In a world where people can selectively erase memories, Maggie is a wet nurse who has lost a lot. The baby she loved died in her womb and the father of the child had his memories of her forcibly removed by his controlling parents. On the Zephyr she has begun working on she meets a man who brings those repressed memories back all too clearly.

The material is very science fiction in nature and has some sexual content so reader discretion is advised. Though most of the stories were entertaining a few just weren’t for me which is why I rated is a 4 out of 5. All in all, I really enjoyed it.


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