A Review of The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (Thursday Next #1)

Thursday Next is a military veteran of the Crimean War. Since leaving the military she has joined the law enforcement field, currently working in the LiteraTec office of the special operatives or spec ops. She thought she would enjoy it but it was starting to get stale.That is, until a man from spec ops 5 comes to see her and then she is instantly promoted because of her prior knowledge of the most wanted criminal in the world, Acheron Hades. He has recently stolen an original Dickens manuscript of Martin Chuzzlewit. Besides the excitement of her job, her love life isn’t going so well. The man she loves and also blames for her brother’s death is finally tired of waiting over a decade for her and is set to wed someone else. She doesn’t know what she should do about it.

This book is a literary Geeks dream. Thursday lives in a world that values literature above all else: vending machines that will read you Shakespeare, societies dedicated to authors, dead authors houses as major tourist attractions and historical sites. The book references and puns are never ending. The characters names reflect their personalities. The antagonist is named Hades. The political character is called Jack Schitt. There are an abundance of plays on words.

Also, her uncle has invented a way for people to go into books called the prose portal, which brings classic literature to life in a whole new way. And with this comes the ability to accidentally change the story. So you can see how this opens up so many possibilities for the story.

I don’t usually care for Crime dramas but this is so much more. Thursday is charming and witty. Even after on Hades is an interesting and well-developed character who I found hard not to like. If you are a book lover and if you do enjoy word games and pounds I think you would really like this book. I would give it more than 5 Stars if that was possible.


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