A Review of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling

Harry’s 6th year starts out a little differently. Only 2 years into summer vacation Dumbledore retrieves Harry and takes him on a mission to get Horace Slughorn to come out of retirement and begin teaching. Slughorn is a bit of a collector of influential students and people. And Dumbledore is correct. The lure of Harry Potter convinces him to return.

But when the golden trio return to Hogwarts they discover that things have changed. Slughorn was not hired on as the replacement Defense Against the dark arts teacher as they assumed but instead is teaching Potions. Instead, Snape seems to have gotten his way with Dumbledore and finally been promoted to the Defense position he always wanted.

This volume starts out with many interesting mysteries that leave the reader confused as they slowly unravel. What is Malfoy up to? What happened to Dumbledore’s hand? Delving more into Tom Riddle/Voldemort’s history seems to hold the keys to all these mysteries.

This installment started out strong but some parts slowed down a lot for ke, especially when Harry was going over facts pertaining to the case over and over again. It started to seem very tedious and it’s a lot of getting others opinions and nobody believes him again. But the book goes out with a bang and a cliffhanger like ending had me itching to move on to the final book in the series.

Though it had slow parts I gave this one a 5 because it gave me a lot of new information, things to think about, and contained some of the most emotional scenes up to this point. I would highly recommend it. I think it feels in a lot of blanks even while opening up more.


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