A Review of The Amber Project by JN Chaney

I received this ARC from the author via The Reading Room in exchange for a fair and honest review.

The Amber Project takes place in the distant future after a cataclysmic event called The Jolt has taken place and left the earth covered in a poisonous gas that humanity can not breathe. The remaining inhabitants had only one choice in response to this: they went underground and rebuilt with machines to keep them alive.

We pick up our narrative 150 years later. The military has been working with a group called The Mothers. They are genetically identified women with superior genes that were assigned from childhood to procreate. Through genetic engineering and careful DNA selection, they are breeding children with the right cell adaptability to be able to survive a surface exploration and to be able to breathe the poisonous gas, now known as Variant.

The most perfect candidates yet have reached the age of maturity and were sent to a special school to become child soldiers as well as be experimented on to determine if their lungs will adapt to Variant or not. Their first test is the Variant gas chamber. Those that don’t make it through the gas chamber are considered not successful. Will Terry, the top of the class and the top of the genetic tier make it through the gas?

I really enjoyed this book. It started out a bit slow and had some parts where there seemed to be so much discussion on the same topic and not enough action that my mind wandered a bit. But I stuck with it and I’m really glad it did. This was not only a post-apocalyptic action/drama but it was also a coming of age story and a morality tale about saving one’s self versus humanity. I would recommend it because if you have extra time to read it would be a really quick read.


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