A Review of Coreyography by Corey Feldman

Coreyography is the autobiography of actor, singer, and dancer, Corey Feldman. I really like autobiography because it allows the subject to tell their story in their own words. I find that a lot of biographies can be skewed and may even have agendas based on the person writing the book.

I was born in the early 1980’s so Corey Feldman was a staple of my childhood and inevitably my first crush. The tome was an eye opening look at his childhood. I knew that he had a drug problem but I never knew he started so early or that his childhood was as horrible as it was. It included beatings, verbal abuse, and some of his first introductions to drugs came from his own parents. He had a father who was in and out of his life and a mother who had to have been suffering from bipolar disorder though it’s never diagnosed in the book.

The “Two Corey’s”, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, were something else I was very familiar with. Feldman took liberties telling Haim’s story as well. Haim has since passed and he had childhood traumas worse than Feldman’s, such as rape. Both Corey’s dealt with molestation by men in the industry who promised them fame and drugs and told them it was normal and that that is just how Hollywood works. Feldman spoke of some of these men now being in prison for things like child pornography and lewd acts with a minor.

The last part of the book really resonated with me because he talks about his ex-wife’s labor and the birth of their son. He was born at 32 weeks by emergency cesarean section because he had stopped moving. He touched on his time in the NICU and seeing him so tiny and hooked up to machines. My own son was born at 30 and a half weeks by emergency cesarean section so it really spoke to me ad I relived my own trauma and NICU experience.

I would recommend this book to anybody born in the 1970’s and early 1980’s because they would have lived to see his rise and fall in the movie industry. It has a lot of 80’s pop culture references and name dropping. It talks about other celebrities, like River Phoenix and his subsequent death by overdose, and the Hollywood actresses Feldman was linked to. It’s a book for the connoisseurs of celebrity gossip. It kept me interested all the way through and that’s why I would give it a 5 out f 5 stars.


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