A Review of Revival by Stephen King

I finished this book a couple of weeks ago but I’ve had a crazy Christmas and New Year’s holiday with family visiting so I haven’t had time to write one up until now. Things have finally calmed down for me. I hope I can finally get some more reading done now.

Jamie Mortan first meets Pastor Charlie when he is only 6 years old. He comes to minister at the methodist church Jamie attends with his family. Even from this first meeting Jamie kn0ws that Pastor Charlie will be a lasting presence in his life.

This book doesn’t tell the details of a single event but rather gives an account of Jamie’s life and the many times Pastor Charlie has shown up, whether be coincidence or divine intervention. I feel like this is all I can tell you about this book without giving anything away as everything leads up to the big bang of an ending that this story has. What I can tell you is that we meet Jamie when he is six and his last account is in his sixties and his pastor friend has an unnatural fascination and grasp on electricity.

The pace of the book is unbelievably slow. All throughout I found myself at parts I really enjoyed but as soon as I started to really get into the story the arc would drop again into stuff I felt wasn’t necessary to the story. I think King was trying for a way to get the reader to really step into Jamie’s shoes but it became mundane too quickly.

With that said, the ending definitely went out with a bang. It is a slow lead up to a huge grand finale. But I’m not sure that I liked it even though it was intense. It was extremely bizarre with a major religious impact. That may be a turn off to some with strong religious convictions. I am a christian so that could be why I didn’t care for it. I generally like strange but this was a dismal strange to say the least.

I would say that it is my least favorite King work. I don’t think he was entirely successful in getting the reader to care for his characters and even though I can be a fan of slow burn horror, this was way too slow. I gave this one a 3 out of 5, the lowest I’ve ever scored a King book.


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